Academic Culture in Trevs

We are renowned for being one of the most academic colleges, with our results consistently the highest out of all the colleges year after year. Academic rigour is rewarded, and there are a number of opportunities available for those who demonstrate academic excellence.

Travel Bursaries


Annual Prizes

Book Awards

Scholarships and Bursaries

A number of scholarships and bursaries are awarded to Trevelyan undergraduates in the course of their studies. (please see above.) Although the College does not offer entrance scholarships, there are a number are available centrally from the University – please see

The 2017/18 Durham Grant will provide extra financial support of £2,000 per year to full-time home undergraduates who do not already have an undergraduate degree and whose household income as assessed by Student Finance England (or equivalent) is less than £25,000. The Durham Grant is non-repayable, and you will not have to apply for it. Please find more information through this link.


Academic Formal

The very first formal of Michaelmas term is ‘Academic Formal’, where all the new freshers will see the award winners receive their prizes. Certain scholars are also given a tag on the back of their gown to indicate their academic prowess.

Award winners and scholars also are given a garden party in Summer Term as a thank you for their contribution to the Trevs academic ethos.