Trevs has a range of music facilities open to student use which can all be booked out by emailing our College Receptionist, Kathryn Cullen, or accessed through the Porters.


The first of these rooms, the James Knott Hall and the Dowrick Suite can be booked through our receptionist, Kathryn Cullen, and keys borrowed from the porters. The MASH room works slightly differently, with the booking link provided below, but keys are still borrowed from the Porters. The other rooms do not need to be booked, but keys are still borrowed from the Porters.


This is the largest rehearsal space in Trevs and has one piano in. Can be booked through college for the use of Trevs Music Societies of any size, easily fitting 50+ musicians. Specific non-Trevs societies also have access to the room for their regular rehearsals. These are Durham University Concert Band, and Durham University Hill Orchestra. There is one permanent upright piano in this room. This rehearsal space also has very easy access to both Music 2 storage and the Cinema Room.


The next biggest rehearsal space, easily fitting around 20 musicians for rehearsals. Can be booked through college for the use of Trevs Music Societies and contains two pianos – 1 grand and 1 upright. This is the other rehearsal room in college with really easy access to the Music 2 storage and Cinema Room. For performances, it probably caps out at about half a dozen performers at a time but can seat around 60 in the audience.


This room is the other room (along with the Dowrick) that has a grand piano in. It can be used for one off performances as long as the room is tidied to its normal state by the next mealtime, such that there is no disruption to the meals. This can be organised through college, but will almost definitely require the Music Reps to be involved. It is also home to an Allen and Heath SQ6 sound desk as well as a very nice integrated tech system that may be accessed by anyone who has the relevant training on how to use it. It can be used for individual practice in between meals; there is no need to book this unless a larger event is being set up.


The Welfare room has a piano in and can be booked through college. Best used for soloists or small acoustic groups as there is no room for any more than a couple of instrumentalists. Its proximity to people’s rooms means that users should be considerate of noise at unreasonable times. This room is first and foremost for use of the Welfare team, so their times take priority over individual’s rehearsals in there.


This room is the main practice space for Trevs musicians and private bands, and is named in memory of Mark Ashton. In order to use this room, you need to have been inducted into it. Induction sessions are run every year during Freshers’ Week, but don’t worry if you missed this, you can also just email or message us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will get you inducted.

You can book hour long slots, nominally for up to 5 Trevs musicians, using the picktime booking link: https://www.picktime.com/trevelyanjcr. This room is maintained through the Tech Manager, so any issues with it should be directed at them or the MASH room technician, a Tier 3 Position under the Tech Manager. It has an electronic piano and a drum kit as well as lots of other amps and tech.


Music 2

Storage for instruments owned by college, the JCR, or Trevs Music Societies. It is also home to all the nice stands as well as a drum kit. If Trevs Students have particularly unwieldy instruments that can’t be stored in the Cinema Room (such as a double bass), they can store them here. These should be communicated with the Music Rep, along with a contact related to that instrument. The porters have a list of people who have access to this room. This includes the music reps, the presidents of all the Trevs music societies and anyone who has an instrument of theirs stored in the room.

Cinema Room

Storage for instruments owned by students. It also acts as storage for smaller instruments owned by college, the JCR or Trevs Music Societies as well as Sheet Music for Trevs Music Societies. Students who wish to store their instruments in this room should leave a contact with the Music Reps after clearing it with them.



Trevs has a number of instruments that are available to be borrowed by individuals or societies. You can see some of them below or obtain a full list by contacting us. Individuals and Trevs societies are able to use these free of charge, just contact us and we can sort this out for you. We are working on the possibility of extending this to non-JCR members and societies, but currently this is not possible.

Tech Store

This is home of the majority of the tech in Trevs. Most of the cables, mics, mic stands, speakers as well as a lot of amps are in this room, the Behringer X32 Compact, and the Nord Stage 2. There is very little space in there, and is under the Tech Manager’s Jurisdiction rather than the Music Reps.

Dining Hall Cupboard

The Dining Hall tech cupboard contains the Allen and Heath SQ6 setup. The porters have a list of people who are allowed to use access this cupboard as it is a very new and expensive setup, with all the necessary things to use it also stored in there. As well as the SQ6 itself, there are 2 monitors, 2 subwoofers, a stage box, 3 wireless handheld mics, 13 clip on / headset mics that are configured in the cupboard already. As with the main Tech Store, it is under the jurisdiction of the Tech Manager rather than the Music Reps.


There are pianos (Steinways) in the following rooms:

  • James Knott Hall
  • Dowrick Suite (x2, including 1 Grand)
  • Dining Hall (Grand)
  • B Welfare
  • Mowlam Room (MCR + SCR only)
  • MASH Room (Electric)

We also have some instruments which Trevs musicians can use including:

  • Double Bass
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Nord Stage
  • 2 Timpani
  • Drum Kit

There are amps and speakers in the following rooms:

  • Music 2 (Bass and Guitar amps belonging to The Manglers)
  • MASH room
  • Tech Store
  • Dining Hall Cupboard (integrated speakers only for use with SQ6 setup)

Students should be using their own or the ones in the MASH room for rehearsals. Use of the amps or tech from any of the other rooms should be arranged with the Music Reps or Tech Manager first.


  • MASH room
  • B Welfare
  • Dowrick Suite


  • James Knott Hall
  • Dowrick Suite

Contact the Music reps: [email protected]

Contact the Tech Manager: [email protected]