Trevs has a range of music facilities open to student use which can all be booked out by emailing our College Administrator Karen Fisher or through the Porters.

Mash Room   ***Booking LINK***

Named in remembrance of Mark Ashton, our MASH Room is a soundproof rehearsal space that contains all the musical and recording equipment a band would need. This space is used by staff and students alike to rehearse just outside of the main accommodation building. Click the link above to book *


This is a 60-seater recital room in Trevs’ secondary building equipped with a stage and piano. An ideal space for performers to practice in a proper recital space and is even big enough to accommodate chamber ensembles. It is also used as a cinema room by Films on the Hill, our college film society.

Sir James Knott Hall

A hall next to the Dowrick used by a variety of societies, big enough to accommodate our largest groups and so is regularly used by our own orchestras for rehearsals as well as the Hill Orchestra and DUPO from Music Durham.

Small Rehearsal Rooms

The B and E Tutor Rooms inside the main college building both contain a piano, E TV Room is also within the main building and these can all be used for music of reasonable volume since they’re next to student rooms. In the secondary building there is the Multi-Faith room, this can always be accessed through the porters due to its primary function. This room also contains a piano and so if not being used by anyone else can be used as a practice space away from student rooms.

Cinema Room

Deceptively named, the cinema room is a small room upstairs in the secondary building used to store instruments of Trevs students and the music societies’ music. This can be used to store your instrument if you don’t want it in your room or live out.

Music 2

This is a larger storage space next to the Dowrick used for equipment such as our stands and where larger instruments can be stored such as one of our drum kits and double bass.


On top of the large amount of tech equipment that tech comm look after which ranges from our amps and mics to lighting and staging, we also have a small number of instruments that can be used by Trevelyanites. As well as the drum kits and pianos around college we also have instruments such as a double bass, bass guitar and a trombone to name a few and we’re currently raising money to add timpani to that collection.