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George Little

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Assistant Treasurer - Buttery

Finance Committee

If you want to fund a project, purchase something to improve College, or support a Trevs club or society, Fin Com is there for you! You can submit an application up to the value of £350, including any additional costs such as postage. The committee meets in the days before a JCR meeting, but it accepts applications on a rolling basis, so applications are always open. Send your application forms to the Treasurer.

Advice for submitting an application

  • Applications should have full prices & costing, and include details of the item you want to buy, and where it can be found at the price quoted.
  • In the case of clubs and societies, applications should only be for extraordinary expenditure, and not for things that should have been including in the club’s annual budget.

Past successful applications have included funding for the pantomime, new poms for the cheerleading squad and money for tennis rackets, pool cues and board games for use by the JCR. Fin Com can only accept applications from JCR members only. For ideas costing over £350, applications can be made to Special Projects (see below).

Special Projects

Special Projects is a pool of money funded by the profits from Trevs Bar. Any member of College can apply.

As its name suggests, Special Projects is designed to fund larger-scale projects to provide a lasting improvement to some aspect of College life. Applications are considered once a term, and completed applications should be sent to the Vice President, Christian Moulding.

As with FinCom, applications should be fully costed and consider any relevant practical issues related to the application. Successful past applications have included money to refurbish the Buttery, new mirrors in the JKH, curtains to protect the bar artwork, and the buying of the baritone saxophone for Trevs Jazz.

Expedition Committee

Every year the JCR gives up to £750 in grants to JCR members planning trips for charitable or educational purposes. Applications open in Easter term – the precise date will be advertised at the time so keep an eye on your emails. All members of the JCR are eligible to apply. For more information contact George, the Treasurer. All successful applicants are required to produce a brief summary of their trip (1-2 sides of A4, plus any pictures).

T-CUP Fund (Trevelyan College University Participation Fund)

From this year the JCR has a new fund to award grants to any JCR member participating in Uni level activities – anything from sport to music, journalism or drama. There is £1000 for sporting activity and £500 for the arts. Applications will be opened towards the end of Michaelmas term so keep an eye on your emails. Applications will need to be supported by a reference from the appropriate university society to ensure money is awarded fairly. For further information please contact George.