Buttery Committee

Chaired by the Buttery Chair:

Butt. Comm. is a team of 6 students who are responsible for running all aspects of the Shop and the Toastie Bar. If you are interested in working in the Buttery, they are always happy to answer any questions you have!


Finance Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer:

Daisie Langford (

Fin. Comm. normally meets around three times a term, and helps decide where the JCR’s money is spent. For example, they approve applications from societies and grant money to individual students for university participation and charitable expeditions.


JCR Committee

Chaired by the Vice President:

Alex McKenzie  (

JCR Comm. is the ideas box for the JCR. We strive to gauge your opinions on Trevs, find out what you want to change and vote on Half Colours (an award given to students for excellent contribution to Trevs and wider University life).


Publicity Committee

Chaired by the Publicity Officer:

Hannah Fisher (

Publicity Committee is what it says on the tin. It is made up of the various representational parts of college not least the Sports & Music reps. The basic idea is that the Publicity Officer is ‘head’ of publicity if you will and this committee helps her to ensure that all that needs publicised is done efficiently and without bias.


Senior Servers’ Committee

Chaired by the Bar Sabb:

Alex Durk (

The SSC runs Trevs Bar. They ensure that everything runs smoothly on a night and keep the bar clean and well stocked! You will also see them working Coffee Bar during the day.


Social Committee

Chaired by the Social Chair:

Vanessa Bradbury (

Social committee is one of the most involved committees there is here at Trevs. Social committee is made up of a team of committed and innovative people across all year groups working with the Social Chair to plan some of the main college events throughout the year.

The life of a SocComm member:

Meetings: Attend meetings (always with a good selection of food to keep you that much more fuelled), discuss ideas for little and big events alike – which is more often than not: confidential! Be on the inside of watching an event develop, from discussing potential theme ideas to reality.

Creativity: Decorations/lighting/you name it, are what can make an event go from a 5/10 to a straight out 10/10. It’s not essential that you have a painter’s hand, but it is essential that you’re prepared to come to meetings and contribute to the cool and innovative ideas that will add to the memorable experience! This includes the lead up to the big events (this means commitment: with one big event a term, be prepared), which means getting down and dirty to help make all of the decorations.

Teamwork: Not only will you work in a team of elected members, but you’ll have the chance of making good relations with those who ‘sit’ on SocComm too – that includes a hefty list of: Assistant Social Chair, The Pres, Assistant Treasurer, Outreach Officer, Music Rep, DUCK Reps, Art Rep, Tech Manager, Bar Sab, annnnnd the MCR Social Chair – so that should really give you a hint to how central Social Committee is to college life! You’ll be surrounded by a group of like-minded people ready to get the job done, whilst having fun.

Identity: Be known as one of the dedicated that make so many people’s (600+) time here that much better. Not only that, but you will appreciate an event SO much more when you know the work that has gone into it. The ultimate form of gratification. We will have our own Stash too!

If you want to find out more information, don’t hesitate to drop me a message!


Steering Committee

Chaired by the JCR Chair:

Tom Grant (

Steering Comm. is responsible for ensuring the accountability of the Chair. They also act as Returning Officers in JCR elections; help set up JCR meetings; and meet regularly to promote democracy within Trevs, discuss elections’ issues and constitutional affairs. They also sit on the Open Day and Freshers’ Rep screening panels.


Technical Committee

Chaired by the Technical Manager:

Jonathan Salmon (

Tech. Comm. is responsible for the set up and running of any tech at events, such as Unpluggeds, Informal Ball, Trevs Day and Summer Ball. They also run a hires service, hiring Trevs equipment to other’s colleges (all enquires please see our hire website).


Welfare Awareness Committee

 Chaired by the Welfare Officer:

Lily Walwyn (

Welfare Awareness Committee (WAComm) is chaired by the JCR welfare officers, and also must have the outreach officer, alcohol awareness officer LGBT+ students rep(s), students with disabilities’ rep, and international students’ rep, and six elected members. The committee exists only to organise and run welfare awareness campaigns, which happen throughout the year. This year in first term there will be a week-long housing campaign in November to help Trevs freshers to know about housing in Durham, and start looking for houses, and a shorter alcohol awareness campaign in December, involving an event in college. An Ice-skating trip will be organised jointly with St Mary’s college before Christmas. In second term there will be a disabilities week led by the students with disabilities’ rep, the LGBT+ reps will be supporting LGBT+ history week in their own campaign, and there’ll be another 1-2 day campaign, on whatever area the committee decides to raise awareness of. In third term, there is a stress-less campaign run throughout the exam period. If you’d like to run for one of the elected positions, why not talk to Lily for information on the role she’d love to have you on WAComm!