Open Days

Pre – application Open Days

The pre-application open days are normally held at the end of June and in September, after the majority of undergraduates have left college accommodation for the Summer and before they return- around the same time as graduation occurs. Check the main University website for more details.

Post – Offer Open Days

These are the really exciting ones! Once you get your offer from Durham and are told that you’ve been honoured with a place at Trevs it is strongly recommended that you come and stay the night in our hexagonal heaven.

These Post-Offer Open Days happen just after our term ends in March – you should get some information from our lovely admissions teams.

Open days are there to give you an insight as to what life at Trevs will be like if you come here. These open days are different from the pre-application open day that you may have attended over the summer, in that it’s almost completely run by the students, and is 100% from our perspective. You stay in a room in Trevs, without your parents, and get to meet people that may well become your friends when you arrive in October. You will get a brief insight to university life at Durham, and just how wonderful life is at Trevs- the open day reps don’t even get paid to tell you how much they love the place!

Many of our current students fondly remember their own Open Days and believe that they played an influential role in their final decision to come here.

Here’s a standard timetable for what you might expect on your open day:

Day 1:

Between 1pm-5pm: Arrive in Durham (we have some reps at the Train station waiting for you to arrive – see below).  There’ll also be reps at college that you can talk to about how many different opportunities there are at Trevs including jobs, clubs, societies and committees amongst others. Our wonderful open day reps will be able to bring you on tours of both Trevelyan and Durham.

5-7pm: Have a ‘taste’ of Trevs food with other applicants hoping to study your subject.

7pm: A pub quiz with your block & the reps assigned to that block. The bar will be open and will serve alcohol to those with proof of identification.

830pm: A typical Trevelyan bar night with DJ (our wonderful welfare team often buy pizza and have things to do for those not inclined to dance like silly people in the bar)

Day 2:

7-9am: Wake up and have a taste of Trevs breakfast – you can go in your pyjamas, we won’t judge!

Throughout the day you will have academic talks in your department, you can chat with our college staff and gossip about the happenings of the night before.

Then you go home and firm Durham, and indeed Trevelyan, add all of your new friends on Facebook, make motivational posters for your exams and start a countdown on your phone until Freshers’ Week.

We look forward to seeing you at our open days and if you have any questions, send me a message at [email protected] or if you need any ‘official’ questions answered please email trevelyan admissions team.