Your Tier 2’s

President Tier 2’s

Head Freps – Laura Noone and Tom Sears

Treasurer Tier 2’s

Assistant Treasurer (Clubs and Societies) – Kush Pandey

Assistant Treasurer (Buttery) – Piper Lane

Welfare Officer Tier 2’s

LGBT+ Rep – Alysia Orbell

Students with Disabilities Rep – Vacant

Assistant Welfare Officers – Matthew Hall and Sarah Mcchucheon

PoC Reps – Akshita Singh and Aparna Shah

Working Class Rep – Callum Day

Social Chair Tier 2’s

Assistant Social Chair – Natalie Wan

Ball Chair – Beatrice Nacestro

Services Officer Tier 2’s

Tech Manager – Tomas Pickford

Gym Rep – Clarice Ng

Environment Officer – Rosie Rochester

Communities Rep Tier 2’s

Music Reps – Carolyn Leung and Roward Wood

Sports Rep – Rory File

Year Out Reps – Matt Brown and Diana Apostol

Charity Rep – Isaac Chan

Art Rep – Zhuoqi Liu