Your Tier 2’s

President Tier 2’s

Head Freps – Clemie Vong (she/her) & James Koo (he/him)

Treasurer Tier 2’s

Assistant Treasurer (Clubs and Societies) – Imogen McEwing (she/her)

Assistant Treasurer (Buttery) – Piper Lane (she/her)


Welfare Officer Tier 2’s

Assistant Welfare Officers – Charlotte Hampton (she/her) & Sarah McCutcheon (she/her)

LGBTQ+ Rep – Charlie Morris (they/them)

Students with Disabilities Rep – Vacant

Livers Out Rep  – Vacant

PoC Rep – Mihir Joshi (he/him)

Working Class Rep – Bella Belbali (she/they)

Social Chair Tier 2’s

Assistant Social Chair – Vacant

Summer Ball Chair – Vacant

Services Officer Tier 2’s

Tech Manager – Henry Laughton (he/him)

Gym Rep – Angus Hong & Shameer Sheraz

Environment Officer – Rosie Rochester (she/her)

Clubs & Societies Officer Tier 2’s

Music Reps – Carolyn Leung (she/her) & Dan Wattis (they/them)

Sports Rep – Patrick Hughes (he/him)

Charity & Volunteering Reps – Oli Rathmell (he/him) & Robert Mould (he/him)

Art Rep – Vacant

International Rep Tier 2’s

Year Out Rep – Katie Robinson (she/her)

Publicity Officer Tier 2’s

Assistant Publicity Officer – Ben Davis (he/him)