College Staff


Principal – Professor Adekunle Adeyeye

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As College Principal, I have overall responsibility for leading the implementation of the University strategy within the College and working with the other College Officers to maximise student experience. I represent the College at the Board of Colleges and University Senate. In addition to college responsibilities, in my capacity as Professor of Physics, I conduct advanced research in nanotechnology and spintronics. For the duration of your time at Trevelyan, I hope you will have the boldness and tenacity to venture out of your comfort zone, explore without limits and achieve amazing things that will serve as a launch pad to your future success. I look forward to meeting you all soon. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact my staff or me.

Vice-Principal – Dr. Martin Brader

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As Vice Principal I support the Principal with the management of the College and implementation of the College’s strategy.  At Trevelyan, I have responsibility for student enrichment and work alongside student leaders and groups to develop opportunities for students across a range of areas, including sport, outreach, volunteering, art, music, theatre, and scholarly activity.  I also deliver alumni relations and engagement activities for our thriving alumni community.  In addition, I support our activities for recruitment, communications, and membership, and am responsible for student discipline.  My office is located on the Ground Floor of G Block in the main College building.


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As Assistant Principal of Trevelyan College, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day running of student support and wellbeing in College. Navigating student life can be challenging and I am here to guide you in accessing support. My office is located on the ground floor of G Block, and you can either make an appointment to meet with me or stop by during my drop-in hours. I support students with a range of queries, for example: mental health and wellbeing, academic worries, financial worries, health concerns, relationship and friendship issues. The College Student Support Office can offer you advice and support and where necessary, liaise with other departments on your behalf. I’m always happy to chat and support you in accessing the help you need.



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My role in College oversees Porters, Housekeeping, reception, building maintenance, on-going refurbishments, and College events. My office is located on G ground floor, please come to see me if you are having problems with your accommodation or need help planning an event.


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I am responsible for College administration at Trevelyan. Acting as the first point of contact for many internal and external stakeholders of the College, the Administration Coordinator is a central role and contributes to the smooth running of the College. I am secretary to our College Principal and support the Principal and Vice-Principal in delivering an exceptional student experience.


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I am responsible for student support administration. I work alongside the Assistant Principal to ensure all students feel supported throughout their time at Trevelyan College. I can assist in answering your queries, setting up support meetings with the Assistant Principal or signposting to the appropriate support systems in place at the University. Do not hesitate to ask me anything, if I don’t know the answer, I will be able to put you in touch with the right person to help you.


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I have worked for the University for almost 30 years, starting at Van Mildert in 1991 and moving to Hatfield and Castle in 2008. I joined Trevelyan College in April 2016 having felt the “force” and left the dark side to join Trevs’ Jedi army. As Operations Team Leader, it is my responsibility to manage the Porters and to maintain our buildings so you will often see me rushing around with my toolbox. My office is opposite the JCR Office so please pop in if you have any questions.

RECEPTIONIST – Kathryn Cullen

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I am the College receptionist, answering a range of day-to-day enquiries, issuing keys, making room bookings, and handling student mail. A friendly first point of contact for students and visitors.


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I direct the dining hall staff and oversee the team to deliver exceptional service to our students.

HEAD CHEF – Rob Cummins

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I direct my team of chefs and kitchen porters to deliver quality food to our students. 


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I manage the team of housekeeping staff and support Janice and Jim in the day-to-day domestic operations at Trevelyan College.


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We are the Finance Team working in Trevelyan who deal with any queries or problems regarding your College residence or tuition fee bills. Office hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday, 9am – 5pm are to help with your enquiries.

College Librarian – Tim Fowler

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I’m originally from Northern Ireland, but I’ve lived and worked in Durham since coming here as a student in the 1980s. I’m a graduate of the University – not Trevs; it was still a women-only college then. Of course, I may have visited the bar once or twice. 2023/24 marks 21 years since I started working here and I’m very proud that throughout that time Trevs Library has been widely recognised as setting a standard for what a College library at Durham can be.

Our aim is to provide a first-class library service and relaxed working environment. I’m joined in this endeavour by the library assistant Mary Fowler who makes sure you can find the book you want, where it’s supposed to be. She also runs our social media so look out for us on Facebook and Instagram.

When I’m not being a librarian, I’m an abstract artist (you can see my work on the Cobbles), comedy writer, obsessive music fan and occasional DJ.

COLLEGE CHAPLAIN – Rebecca Amoroso

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Hello, I’m Rebecca, Chaplain to the Hill Colleges – Trevelyan, Grey, Van Mildert and Collingwood. I’m here to listen and support you, as well as provide opportunities for prayer, worship and reflection. I am part of a diverse chaplaincy team across the university; we are a safe, inclusive team, welcoming all faiths and none.

We have a Faith Space at Trevs, upstairs at the James Knott building, which is open all day for prayer, meditation, quiet reflection and breathing space. 

The Hill Colleges Chapel is the Chapel at Fountains Hall, Grey College. I’m looking forward to meeting you all, drop in or make an appointment using my QR code.