What our Students Say


– Every single Trevelyan College student. Ever.

“Trevs gives me the opportunity to be both sporty and musical and have so much fun doing it!”

– Christina Feeney, 2nd year, Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity

 “I love every moment in trevs- with so much to do and so many friendly people around, it makes University a very special place.”

– Alex Tansey, 2nd year, History

“I have never felt more welcome anywhere than in Trevs, with such a great atmosphere and people so friendly it is so easy to do anything and everything and you will walk away with a lot of friends in this small college. At Trevs I felt comfortable leaving my comfort zone and I never envisaged myself in a musical but it was a fantastic experience and I’m hooked! (A small place where big things happen).”

– Nick Denton, 2nd year, Theology


“I love the fact that Trevs feels so much like a home that wearing pyjamas is acceptable at any time of the day.”

– Bridget Shepherd, 3rd year, Maths


“I love trevs because its really friendly and you always feel welcome. There’s always lots of different events and societies going on to suit everyone and you can make friends.”

– Rachel Frame, 2nd year, Archaeology


“Basically, if you want brilliant events, a friendly party atmosphere and the chance to throw yourself into every aspect of uni life, then Trevs is the college for you.”

– Sorrel Brown, 2nd year, Music


“I love everything about Trevs but particularly how easy it is to get involved. I came to university with no real hobbies and I’ve discovered so many things I love doing and it’s been absolutely amazing being able to throw myself into university life in so many different ways.”

– Adam Jarvis, 3rd year, Maths.


“As someone who loves music, trevs is a great college to be at. I’ve had an incredible time playing in the college jazz band, dabbling with orchestra and performing with the infamous Fire Action(represent) – a rock band that I started with some other trevelyanites last year. Trevs offers so many different musical opportunities from the open mic style unplugged nights; to the more formal christmas concert; to Trevstock – an all-day outdoor music festival! Its just really amazing to be surrounded by so much music and so many musical people. Truly the best college.”

– Dan Beckmann, 2nd year, Engineering


“Being at Trevs is one of those very hard things to describe, but the second you talk to anyone who is here they know exactly what you mean. The sense of community is incredible, the support everyone has for each other it’s outstanding, and its just one of those places that gets the best from everyone.”

– Oliver Milton, 3rd Year Engineering


“I love the inclusive nature of Trevs. It means you feel welcome immediately, and you can get involved in absolutely anything, even if you have never done it before.”

– Tash Gill (Alumni & Development Officer), Trevelyan Theology Graduate


“It’s great having everything under one roof, and being so close to the science site” or “It’s easy to try new sports as everyone’s welcoming and you don’t have to be an expert.”

– Angus Smith, 2nd year, Geography (BSc)


“I love Trevs because it is my home away from home.”

– Claire Ewbank, 4th year, French and German


“I love Trevs because I’ve never met a group of people who were more friendly, more enthusiastic about making the most of their time at university or more supportive. Trevs has been here for me in my best and worst times.”

– Hannah Fitzpatrick, 3rd year, History


“Trevs is home to three years worth of the most incredible memories, and I will never forget the opportunities I have been given here.”

– Enya Doyle (JCR Secretary), 3rdyear, Music.