Welfare Team

Our job is to support you through your time here at Trevs and make sure you’re safe and happy so that you can make the most of your University experience! Here is a bit more information on what we do and how we can help you!

Anonymous Messaging

Grace Harwood – Welfare Officer



Hey everyone, I’m Grace and I’m your Welfare Officer at Trevs! Along with the rest of the Welfare team, I’m here to try and make sure you have the best possible time at university. We run weekly drop-ins, where anyone is welcome to pop by for a chat, to get some information about support services within the university or Durham, or to pick up free sexual heath supplies. You can also get in touch via the welfare email (trevelyan.welfare@durham.ac.uk), welfare phone, or the anonymous welfare messaging services (accessed via the JCR website homepage). Welfare also provides a range of sexual health supplies, including latex and non-latex condoms, dental dams, lube and pregnancy tests.

I also chair Welfare Awareness Committee, which organises college-wide awareness campaigns, including sexual health, mental health, alcohol awareness, and housing, as well as a four-week Stress Less campaign during exams! Feel free to send me an email if you would like any more information, I’m always happy to help!

Laura Hosford – Assistant Welfare Officer


Hi Trevs! I’m Laura, your Assistant Welfare Officer. I work alongside Grace to support you throughout your time in Trevs. I have several roles; firstly, I run the academic parenting system, which is an academic-based mentoring scheme for all first years. Here, each student is assigned academic ‘parents’ to support them in their studies, which are students in either second or third year studying their subjects. Secondly, I assist Grace in organising Welfare Awareness campaigns across college to get people talking about everything from housing to mental health. Most importantly, I run weekly welfare drop-ins, where anyone is free to come to with questions, problems or issues you may have- you’re welcome for just a chat or to be signposted to other helpful services. Finally, I help to run the welfare room at the major college events, so if you need a break I’ll be on hand with drinks, snacks and a smile!

Lorna Reeve – Students with Disabilities Representative


Hey Trevs, I’m Lorna and I’m your Disabilities Rep for the year! My job is basically to support anyone affected by disability, which encompasses a wide range of things from physical to mental, and to help you to make the most out of your Durham experience! I liase with Disabilities Services and can also help you to speak to Senior college welfare. I have weekly drop-ins (usually with biscuits!) which are there for you to speak to me in person about issues affecting you, to get some support or a listening ear. Anyone is welcome to chat, whether you are affected yourself, know someone who is, or if you just have any issues you want to raise or questions you want answered, I will do my best to answer them and if I can’t I will get back to you later. Feel free to email me directly with anything, or to arrange a separate meeting. I’m also part of the Students with Disabilties Association, as Welfare Officer, so feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the Association or University support too!

Daniel Thomas and Lydia Kingston – LGBT+ Representatives



Hi we’re Dan and Lydia and we’re your LGBT+ reps! We work as part of the welfare team to ensure that LGBT+ voices are heard both on a college level and across the university. If you have any concerns or just want a chat, we run a weekly drop-in. We also organise events and campaigns within college to benefit our LGBT+ community, and to help ensure that Trevs is as diverse as possible

Serena Espeute – People of Colour Representative


Hiya I’m Serena Espeute, your People of Colours (PoC) rep. If needed I’ll be here primarily to help Trevs’ non- white students adjust to and get the most out of university. I’ll be putting on weekly drop-ins (with snacks), which will be a safe space to discuss anything you like whether it’s PoC related or not. I’ll also be happy to signpost you to any other services that might be helpful. If anyone is unable to make drop- ins, I’ll be contactable via Facebook and email if you have any queries, concerns or just fancy a chat! Throughout the year, I’ll be working in the Welfare Awareness Committee to organise PoC awareness campaigns and informal events like socials. Another part of my role is to connect Trevs’ PoC to the uni-wide Durham PoC Association ( DPoCA) so, if you want to know about DPoCA events or want a pal to accompany you to some, feel free to contact me and that can be arranged.