Welfare Team

Our job is to support you through your time here at Trevs and make sure you’re safe and happy so that you can make the most of your University experience! Here is a bit more information on what we do and how we can help you!

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Contact Welfare

Welfare Officer

Lily Walwyn
l.m.walwyn@durham.ac.uk, trevelyan.welfare@durham.ac.uk

Hi everyone, I’m Lily! I’m your Welfare Officer, and together with the rest of your fantastic Welfare team, I’m here to make sure that you have the best possible experience during your time at University. No problem is too big or too small, so whether you have a specific problem you need help with, or just fancy a chat, we’re here for you! We have Welfare drop-ins weekly, and you can also contact me via the Welfare mobile or by email. We can provide you with information on the support services available in Durham and how to access them, no matter what you’re having trouble with. Welfare also provide you with any sexual health supplies you may need, such as condoms, pregnancy tests, and lube.

I also run Welfare Awareness Committee, who organise and run awareness campaigns covering a range of issues which are common at University: mental health, sexual health, alcohol awareness, housing… The committee is a way that you can actively get involved with welfare, so do get in touch if you’d like to know more. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or want to talk, I’ll be happy to help!


Assistant Welfare Officers
Charlie Norton and Alex Kingdon

charlotte.norton2@durham.ac.uk, a.d.h.kingdon@durham.ac.uk

Hi! We’re Charlie and Alex, your Assistant Welfare Officers, and we’re here to help Lily ensure that you stay safe and happy during your time here at Trevs. Alex runs the academic parenting system, a mentoring scheme for all first years. Charlie organises Welfare Awareness campaigns and would be happy to accommodate any campaign suggestions! Most importantly perhaps, we both run weekly Welfare drop-ins where you can come and talk about any problems, no matter how big or small – we’re always happy to chat and can signpost you to any services that might be helpful. We’ll also be on standby during events with drinks and snacks if you need a break from the hexy madness! We hope to help you have the best time possible at Trevs so remember: you’re always welcome at Welfare!


LGBT+ Representatives
Lucy Knight and Tom Barber
lucy.e.knight@durham.ac.uk, thomas.barber@durham.ac.uk

We’re Tom and Lucy, your LGBT+ representatives. This means that if you have any queries about anything LGBT+ related when you get to Durham, we’re on hand to provide support and information. As well as always being contactable via email, we run weekly drop-ins as an inclusive safe space, starting after freshers’ week. We’ll also be looking after the private Trevs LGBT+ Facebook group (drop us a message, or come and see us at our first drop-in of the year and we’ll be happy to add you to it).

Another aspect of our role is to raise awareness: we both sit on the Welfare Awareness Committee and are in charge of organising LGBT+ awareness campaigns and socials, and get involved with the wider university LGBT+ Association. We know how daunting it can be for people attending for the first time, so if you’d like information on any of their events/ someone to go with, we’d be more than happy to oblige (although we won’t be offended if you think we’d cramp your style!)


Students with Disabilities Representative

Rosie Taylor

Hey everyone, I’m Rosie and I’m your disabilities rep! I’m here to help anyone in Trevs affected by a disability settle into college and enjoy university life. Disabilities come in many forms and affect everyone in a different way. So whether your disability is physical or mental, or you are impacted by someone else who has a disability, I’m here to try and make your life a little easier. I have regular drop-in sessions within college where anyone is welcome to come and raise any concerns that they may have. If you can’t make my drop-in time you can message me and I’ll happily arrange a meeting. I hope to make suggestions to help as well as direct you to the appropriate services who can provide further support. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime via email or facebook if you have any questions or concerns!