Trevelyan College was first opened in 1966 as an all-female college for 250 students. The college was named Trevelyan after historian G.M. Trevelyan, a former Chancellor of the University of Durham. The core of the building remains very similar to that designed by architect John Eastwick-Field in 1966, however the intervening years have seen the developments of a bar, undercroft, multipurpose hall and the Dowrick performance and recital suite. The college took its first mixed intake in 1990, and has since expanded to near 800 students.

In 2016 the college celebrated its 50th anniversary year, which saw over 250 alumni return to college for a great weekend of celebration in June. The year has also seen a 50th anniversary formal, a Summer Ball taking us back to the Summer of ’66, and a special concert in Durham Cathedral in November to finish the year with a flourish.

The college has some exciting new development plans for the building of a new gym, a library extension and a ‘Garden of Reflection’, all to be built in the next few years.

Check out the Bar, Gym, Library and Dining Hall for a look!