Somewhere between once a fortnight and once a month we host Unplugged. This is a chance for you to sign up to perform on your own or in groups to the wider community. It is held in the bar and sees all types of performances from soloists and acoustic ensembles to larger rock bands and sometimes entire societies. Sometimes they are themed, such as at Christmas or Valentines Day, and very occasionally we may even do them in collaboration with a particular society or other college. Even if you are not performing, feel free to come along to the bar for a whole evening of free live music!


At the end of Michaelmas and Epiphany Terms we host formal concerts where we invite all the different societies that are based in Trevs to perform in the Dining Hall. This is normally an amazing and varied event where all the groups play music from their year so far. To read more about the different societies, please read that page on the website.


This is a larger event held after exams. While most of the day is not musical with all kinds of fun activities from games and inflatables to food vans and lots of alcohol (if wanted), there is some music. We normally have a couple of external bands come in to perform, but there is also the famous Battle of the Bands, where Trevs Bands have the chance to perform a short set, much like in an Unplugged, for the chance to win a coveted bar tab.


The more musical of the post exams treats, Trevstock is basically an all day Unplugged, running from lunch time all the way into the evening. As well as the normal mix of Trevs bands you see in an Unplugged, we also get some bands from other colleges or even alumni or staff performing. The bar is normally open in the quad, where the event takes place, serving all day for those who want it.


Finally, is the famous Live on the Hill. This is the largest music event hosted by Trevs every year, and one of the largest college organised events in Durham. It sees an auditioned jazz orchestra form especially for the event and perform lots of popular songs with some of Trevs best vocalists to a theme chosen for the event. In previous years, this theme has been things like “Legends”, “Space”, and “A Festival of Film”. The event itself is a Black-Tie performance with a Cocktail Bar that is in aid of a Charity. In previous years it has been nominated for awards such as the Inspiring Students Award for the Best College Event.