More Societies!


President: Alex Bos ([email protected])

From the EU referendum to racism in the Oscars, Trevelyan College debating society discusses a range of controversial topics. The debates will switch between union style debating (taught to those who aren’t familiar with it) and round table discussions. Open to experienced debates as well as novices, everyone has a chance to debate, and for those interested in the material of the debates, rather than debating itself, we encourage everyone to come down to watch, and vote on the best debaters! Topics are chosen by the exec, with possibilities of suggesting topics that you think may be interesting. Trevs debating provides the opportunity to both learn about hopefully relevant topics, as well as measure and practice your debating skills against others in the college. With no requirement to debate, this society appeals both to those wishing to debate themselves, and those simply there for the entertainment value of heated debates. Come down and find out whether Trevs debating is for you!


President: Amie Key ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Games Society is a group of students dedicated to playing a variety of card, video, and board games within college. Our main aim is to provide an enjoyable experience to all members in a relaxed and friendly environment. We welcome anyone and everyone interested in games, regardless of past experience. We have official games nights every Saturday in the Undercroft, and host a variety of games-related events in college throughout the year.

Film Society

President: Ellie Scorah ([email protected])

Films on the Hill is a brand new film society which will organise showings of critically acclaimed films in the fully equipped Dowrick Suite for all Durham students. We plan to organise themed showings as well as post film socials and discussions. It’s a fun way to enjoy great films with great friends at reasonable prices. Trevs students can even wander across in their PJs!

Fashion Show

President: Joanna McGuire ([email protected])

The society is created in order to assist with the organisation of the college fashion show, which will be held in epiphany term of 2017. The aim of the society is to manage all those who will be involved with the show, both from the charity aspect, in terms of the finances and the raising of money and awareness, as well as the models, make up artists and choreographers involved behind the scenes in the creation of the event. This society strives to build upon last year’s success and raise the standard of the fashion show even higher so that it truly is an annual event that both Trevelyan and Durham University students, in general, can really look forward to attending. All proceeds will go to a chosen, worthwhile charity and therefore publicity and enthusiasm are key to the success of this event.

Christian Union

Presidents: Tom Pepper ([email protected]and Katie McLaren ([email protected])

Trevs Christian Union is a society that wants to make Jesus known in Trevs. Meeting together once a week, we encourage one another, through the Bible, to live in the light of the greatest news the world has ever seen: Jesus’ death and resurrection offer us freedom and life despite our imperfections. We love hanging out together, supporting each other in prayer, and telling people about what we believe. As people from all different church backgrounds, we’d also love to help you find a church in which you feel at home here in Durham. We welcome anyone to come and join us. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Trevs Lingo

President: Emma Crampton-Thomas ([email protected])

Trevs Lingo is a society based around appreciating and learning the languages of the world. From Spanish to Japanese, from French to Russian, we want to celebrate the diverse cultures found within the community of Trevelyan College. Join to find a language buddy or to just learn more about the many languages spoken at college and around the world. We will do weekly language cafes or film screenings in a variety of languages (all with special cultural foods), and there will of course be exciting socials across the year!

Trevs DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee)

Welcome to the most charitable college in the whole of Durham! Whatever your interest, we’d love to have you on board in DUCK Committee (DUCKComm) – with such a huge range of events, activities and challenges, there’s bound to be something perfect for you

Below are just a few of the brilliantly inventive ways Trevs has raised money for great causes in the last 12 months:

& much much more! If you’d like to get involved, no matter the level of commitment; be it helping create and plan events, performing in our various competitions and concerts, or simply getting stuck in and raising money for a variety of deserving local and international causes, we’d love to have you on board!

For any more info don’t hesitate to contact Millie Gray or Jess Maclean, in person, on facebook or via email – [email protected] or [email protected]