Sports Representative

Sports Representative

Rory File

At Durham University you can get involved in sport at college and university level (see the Team Durham website for more info). Sport is a great way to spend your time doing something you love, meet new people and get involved in college! Trevelyan College prides itself on its vibrant sporting community with over 25 teams competing in over 15 different sports, ensuring that a wide variety of interests are represented. All our teams warmly welcome novices, experienced players and anything in between and provide fun both on and off the pitch. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in inter-collegiate and inter-university varsities, participate in the Team Durham Festival of Sport and attend Sports Dinner, a popular black tie event celebrating Trevs’ achievements of the season! The best piece of advice I can give is to try out anything that could even remotely interest you! Feel free to contact me at [email protected]  if you have any questions.



President: Jamie West ([email protected])

Trevs badminton is a fun, inclusive and competitive badminton club welcoming anyone from seasoned players to those who have never picked up a racket before! We’re very lucky to have a court at Trevs, the Sir James Knott Hall, and there are usually around 2 practice sessions per week for men’s, women’s and mixed. We have multiple teams competing in the college leagues for those who want to play in matches, whilst we also have extra training slots at the university’s amazing new sports center, Maiden Castle.


President:  Maria Silva Calvo ([email protected])

Whether you are a complete beginner or the next Michael Jordan, you’ll find a home with Trevelyan College Basketball club (TCBBC). Our Men’s team plays in the premiership while our Women’s team is in Division 2. We train once a week and have regular games. TCBBC is a relatively small club which means you’ll get to know everyone right away. TCBBC joins up the Men’s and Woman’s team for socials and sometimes trainings. At Trevelyan we have a full basketball court in the back lawn which means independent training is available. Even if you’ve never tried basketball in your life, meet us at the Fresher’s fair and give it a go. Everyone who joins will play.

Boat Club

Captain of Boats: Philip Evans ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Boat Club (TCBC) offers a competitive yet friendly rowing environment welcoming and encouraging to all abilities, from total beginners to experienced rowers. We offer a wide range of rowing opportunities, from single and double sculling to sweeping in IV’s and VIII’s. Over the years TCBC has enjoyed great success and we pride ourselves on commitment, hard work, and inclusiveness. For new rowers we have an exciting novice development programme where students can learn to row in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. We also offer both competitive and casual rowing opportunities, which cater for all ranges of abilities and experience levels.

A big part of TCBC’s team spirit and friendly competitive attitude is our club social events, which allow members to bond as a team and form lasting friendships. TCBC’s unity has no doubt been essential to our successes, which will continue well into the future.


Captains: Penny Moody ([email protected]) & Henrietta King ([email protected])

Trevelyan Cheerleading squad provides an exciting opportunity to become part of a focused and supportive team. We meet twice a week to practice new stunts and learn a routine which we will use to compete in the Annual Intercollegiate Cheerleading competition in March. There is no requirement to have any previous experience of cheerleading, tumbling or flexibility – in fact most people start as complete beginners, although any of these skills would be really appreciated! As well as stunting and conditioning we also have regular socials, meaning we’re a really tight knit team! Come along to the taster session at the beginning of term if you are interested!


President: Benjamin Lindsay ([email protected])

Trevelyan climbing club is a relaxed, friendly and all-inclusive society. Whether you’re a complete beginner, keen to try your hand at scaling walls, or a seasoned boulderer climbing 8as for breakfast; everyone is welcome. We hold weekly sessions at the Durham Climbing gym in Langley moor which is easy to get to and accessible to all levels. Making its first appearance in the Olympics this year, climbing is a fun, rewarding and social sport, ideal to meet new people and get a full body workout without it ever feeling like exercise! You don’t need any equipment of your own to join us and if you have any questions please get in touch. We look forward to seeing you on the wall!


President: Harry Webb-Jenkins ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Cricket Club comprises of two teams and is wholly inclusive to cricket players of all abilities. Throughout the Epiphany term winter nets are available to all players and during the Easter term there is an abundance of opportunities to get involved in competitive matches and outdoor nets. Ranging from minor counties players to those who have not picked up a bat for a few years, Trevelyan College Cricket Club gives everyone within the college the opportunity to benefit socially and physically from this fantastic sport.

Football (Men’s)

Captain: Harry Day ([email protected])

TCFC is an inclusive society which aims to provide all members with the opportunity to play football at a level they’re comfortable with. The A Team play in the premiership and finished as the 4th best college last year, and we have teams at all levels which all experience success in their respective leagues, including a futsal team which play on Sunday evenings. Training sessions are well managed and focus specifically on players’ and teams’ strengths and weaknesses, aiming to improve every week as we push for good finishes in each league. Many players in lower teams have never played football before university so there’s room for all ability levels at the club!

Football (Women’s)

Captain: Megan Morris ([email protected])

TCWFC is one of the best and most successful teams in Trevs. Last season (2020/21) we were the first ever team from Trevs to win the Floodlit cup, an evening no one will forget for a long time. On top of this we went unbeaten in all season and finished topping division 1, seeing us into the premiership next season. We are an inclusive and friendly team, and we welcome players of various abilities; most of our players had never played on a full-sized pitch at the start of the year, or even played at all. Through weekly training sessions and weekend matches, we have progressed and developed as a team to provide strong competition for our college rivals. However, it’s all about the taking part and enthusiasm, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and have a laugh both on and off the pitch, e.g. our tour to Mallorca, and various socials throughout the year. We’re a great group of friends and would love to welcome more players to our team.

Hockey (Men’s)

Captain: Ben Smart ([email protected])

Trevelyan Men’s Hockey Club are an inclusive Hockey club who play in intercollegiate league games and tournaments and are open to players of all abilities. We train for an hour once a week and aim to play a game most weekends, with social events on Wednesday evenings too. We look forward to welcoming all to play some great hockey this year!

Hockey (Women’s)

Captain: Alice Kemp ([email protected]k)

Trevs Women’s Hockey Club is a friendly, enthusiastic club that welcomes all players keen for hockey, regardless of experience, with the aim of enjoying our sport and competing to the best of our ability! Whether you would like to brush up on your skills or are eager to develop your game and play in matches, come along to join our welcoming team. In the 2019-2020 season, we competed in the premier league to an excellent standard and are now aiming to reignite the hockey spirit. We train once a week at Maiden Castle, play weekend matches, and host regular socials, which promote a friendly environment and encourage interactions between years to improve the overall sense of unity within the team. With a range of abilities, strengths, and ambitions, there is something for everyone in our club!


President: Andrew Anderson ([email protected])

TCKC is a society for everyone who is interested in karting or motorsport in general. It doesn’t matter if you’re Sir Lewis Hamilton or just a rookie wanting to experience the thrill of driving a real kart. We regularly visit local indoor and outdoor karting tracks located in Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland. When we’re not racing, we love to talk about racing, which is why we meet up to watch major motorsport events together, especially F1 races. Everyone is welcome to join and share our passion for motorsport.

Mixed Lacrosse

President: Max Watson ([email protected])

Lacrosse at college level is played in mixed teams with training every week and at least 6 matches a season. The season culminates in the Festival of Sport in the post-exam period. Most members sign-up as complete beginners although we do have some more experienced players so all abilities are welcome and encouraged! This is a really relaxed, social club with at least 2 socials a term. We are always keen for new members throughout the year so please get in touch with our co-captains if you are interested. After an incredibly successful season, we are looking for enthusiastic members to help us fulfill the lacrosse team’s full potential.

Mixed Ball Sports

President: Abigail Humphrys ([email protected])

TCMBC is a new, friendly, mixed gender ball sports club that welcomes anyone who wants to join, with any skill level or experience. Some games that we will play, such as dodgeball, will have been played before by most, but we want to play a range of games that may be brand new to people as well, like benchball, bladderball, flickerball and more. The club itself will be very laidback and social so don’t worry if you don’t see yourself as a pro dodgeball player and just come along to enjoy yourself and meet new people who are also there to chill and have fun.



President: Alice Pappon ([email protected])

Trevs Netball is the largest all-female society. We have two teams that are entered into a league, and cater for all standards. Some of our players have previously played at university level, whereas others hadn’t played netball before at all. Our A Team has kept their place in the Premiership league, and our B Team is in Division 1. We meet on a weekly basis, Wednesday 1:30-3 on the courts outside, and matches are usually on weekends. Netball is a great social sport. We have a lot of fun on our socials, which usually have an array of themes. It’s an excellent way to bond as a team and mix year groups. People are welcome to join us throughout the year for training and matches!


Club Captain: Myles Chandler ([email protected])

The Trevelyan College Pool Club provides a relaxed, but also competitive match system for players of all abilities. The club consists of 6 teams which play in the University College sport leagues each week and with the help of the specific captains of each team, players are encouraged to improve their pool skills, but also have fun. In 2016/17 the B team won their league and were promoted back to the top division, and the A team were runners up in the trophy cup competition. As well as this we have had teams in all 4 divisions so everyone is welcome to join the pool club regardless of if you’ve played previously or not, and chilled out evening matches are there for all.


Rugby (Men’s)

President: Rory Nisbet ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Rugby Football Club (TCRFC) is a competitive rugby team, allowing players of all backgrounds and interests to take part. With weekly training sessions and games in division one, it enables people to get involved in the sport at a high standard, without the strict commitments of playing at university level. The club also runs socials which provide a fantastic opportunity to meet new people in college. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the current exec or Trevelyan college for more information.

Rugby (Women’s)

Captain: Tiggy Teare ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Women’s Rugby Club is a welcoming team of girls with all levels of rugby experience. TCWRFC run one training session a week with our coaches and a match most weekends. Since many girls who join the club have never played rugby before, we always start from the basics and have fun training sessions. Despite being limited due to COVID, we had a really successful last season and was a great way to meet other girls in Trevs. This season we plan to also have lots of fun socials to make up for lost time! We are one of the smaller sports teams in Trevs, so whether you have never touched a rugby ball or have played for years, we encourage you to come give it a go!


Captain: Louis Jakobson ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Running Club is a friendly group of runners who meet once a week for a run of 5 – 10 kilometres. We also aim to provide a network for runners in college. Members regularly participate in Durham Parkrun and as a club we have taken part in a charity relay. We cater for all abilities, so whether you’re a seasoned runner or have just started we’d love to see you on a run soon!


President: Michael Stokes([email protected])

Trevelyan College Squash Club is a mixed gender squash club open to all abilities and skill levels. We have both members who have never played before and those who have played for years. We play matches each weekend against other college teams in the Team Durham league and also the cup. It is a fun, chilled-out club offering the opportunity to learn and get involved in a new sport.


President: Dan Basford ([email protected])

Trevelyan College Tennis Club is one of the most sociable clubs in college, open to a wide range of playing abilities from absolute beginner to seasoned professional. We aim to make sure as many people in college as possible have the opportunity to try tennis and reach the highest level that they can. In the first two term of the year the Men’s and Women’s Captains run weekly sessions on the weekends that help players improve their tennis, while at the same time hopefully meeting a lot of new people in college. The sessions take place on Trevs’ very own court at the back of the college, which has been resurfaced this year. We also have a shiny new net, so more tennis can be played than ever before. In the third term Trevelyan plays against the other colleges in Durham. The initial format is a league table, culminating in an ultimate showdown of the best colleges on Finals Day.

Ultimate Frisbee

President: James Burman ([email protected])

The favourite sport of Captain America, most people have never played Ultimate Frisbee before coming to Durham! Trevs Ultimate has two mixed teams and lets absolutely anyone participate in this relaxed and well-spirited sport, and for them to take it as seriously as they would like to. We train once a week and have weekend matches, along with a variety of exciting socials each term, optional tournaments during the holidays and a chance to make some amazing friends! With the best team kit in Trevs (and the university), if you’re interested by what we have to offer, why not grab a disc and come along?


Captains: Alexandra Baker ([email protected]) & Charlie Bell ([email protected])

Welcome to TCVC! We are – club for anyone who wants to be involved, no matter how much previous experience you have. We train once a week on Wednesdays, all year on the trevs back lawn (yes, in the snow too). The college volleyball league starts in Epiphany term on Sunday mornings, and we host a college wide tournament in the summer term. No matter if you’ve never played before (most people starting haven’t) or are just dying to smash some balls again, as long as your keen we’ll have you.